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Parts and Service

Can I use my Ford Pass points to pay for my service?

Of course! Ford Pass points can be used for service, parts, accessories, and in sales for new Ford vehicles! You also earn points every time you make a purchase with us- just give your salesperson/advisor your account info!

What is Ford Pass/Lincoln Way?

Those are free apps to help you save money! Once you create an account inside the app, you can start earning points to use towards service, sales, parts, and accessories! The purchase of a new Ford will earn you at least 44,000 Ford Pass points, and the purchase of a new Lincoln will earn you at least 40,000 Lincoln Way Points! You earn 10 Ford Pass or Lincoln Way points per dollar spent at our store.

Do you offer a shuttle or rideshare services?

Yes! We have a shuttle that runs from 7am-2pm Monday-Friday. It can drop you off anywhere in town, but cannot pick back up. We can arrange rideshare services for you as well- the cost will be included on your service bill.

Do you offer pick-up and delivery?

For Ford and Lincoln- yes! The vehicle must be 20 miles or less from the dealership, and be 5 years old or newer with less than 60,000 miles to qualify.

What does my vehicle warranty cover?

It depends- we offer so many different warranties at the time of purchase! You could also still be covered under your manufacturer warranty. A service advisor can look up your warranty information by using your VIN number. To see a list of our vehicle warranties, check out our Used Vehicle Warranties or New Vehicles Warranties pages.

What is included in the Works Package?

For only $10 more than the cost of an oil change, you will receive the oil and filter change, a tire rotation, a complementary brake inspection where we will measure brake pad depth and rotor quality, and a multi-point inspection where we check fluid levels, undercarriage inspection for damage or leaks, light check, battery test/inspection, and more! We look at over 30 items to ensure your vehicle is performing optimally and safely for you!

What is the warranty for ordered parts?

It depends on part type ordered. If the part is original manufacturer or Motorcraft, it will have a 2 year, unlimited mileage warranty. If it is an aftermarket part, the warranty will depend on what is offered by that manufacturer. We do not offer a labor warranty.

Do you offer discounts on services?

We are always trying to save our customers time and money- take a look at our For more information about Finance Auto Loans click here

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