Finance FAQ

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Do you offer military discounts?

Active Duty military stationed at Ft. Campbell are tax exempt! Also, there may be military rebates offered directly from the manufacturers that you may qualify for. Jenkins and Wynne will check that for you and apply those rebates toward your deal!

Is the Extended Warranty accepted at any dealership?

Yes, our warranty is good at any dealership in the continental U.S.

How do I set up auto payments for my loan?

When you get your first statement in the mail, your statement should have information about how to set up automatic withdrawal. Typically, statements are received 4 weeks after contract signing. If you financed your loan with Honda Financial, you can set up payments any time at HondaFinancialServices.Com. If you financed your loan with Ford Credit, you can set up payments any time at AccountManager.Ford.Com.

How do I change my payment due date?

Most lienholders allow payment change dates. This can be done online, or you can contact

Can I pay my vehicle payments directly to Jenkins and Wynne?

No, we cannot accept payments at our location. You must make those directly to the finance institution you have your loan through.

How much can I put on a credit card for a down payment?

$2,000 is the max down payment allowed when using a credit card. We accept cash, checks, money orders, and wires for down payments.

How much of a down payment am I required to pay?

Jenkins and Wynne does not require a down payment to purchase a vehicle. However, some banks may require a down payment, which will be determined by them if they are the institution you choose to bank with for your loan. Our finance managers will do their best to find you the best rate and term possible for you and your financial situation, at the lowest (or no) down payment possible.

When will my first payment be due?

Normally 45 days from the day you sign your contract.

Is the Extended Warranty transferable?

Yes. There is a transfer fee.

Is there a penalty or fee if I pay off my loan early?


What will my rate be?

Rate depends on year of vehicle, amount financed, term, and credit score/history. Sometimes, the manufacturer will have special interest rates for well-qualified buyers. Our finance team will work hard to get you the best rate possible.

What is the longest I can finance a vehicle for?

Depends on the year of the vehicle, but typically 84 months is the longest term.

Do I have to have full coverage insurance?

Yes, full coverage insurance is required in TN for all vehicle purchases.

What if I regret my vehicle purchase?

We offer a 48-hour Love it or Leave it on most vehicles (as-is non-warrantied vehicles, and high-performance/high demand vehicles like the Ford Raptor, Ford Bronco, and Honda Civic Type R do not qualify)! To qualify for our return policy, it must be 48 hours or less since your purchase, the vehicle must have 200 or less miles driven since purchase, and the vehicle cannot have any new damage. 

What is GAP insurance?

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What is Tire and Wheel Protection?

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